Monitor HP M32f FHD

Monitor HP M32f FHD

Monitor Gaming HP X24c 144HZ curved

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20C1 - HP X24c Gaming Monitor (24, Jet Black) Center Facing

Action with a curve

Escape to new worlds—the 1500R curvature pulls the corners of the display closer to you, delivering an immersive FHD experience 1.

20C1 - HP X24c Gaming Monitor (24, Jet Black) Left Facing

Fast strikes. Smooth moves

React quicker. The 144Hz refresh rate 2 reduces blur by displaying images 2x faster than other monitors 3. Say goodbye to lags and hello to smooth, tear free gaming with AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology 4.

20C1 - HP X24c Gaming Monitor (24, Jet Black) Right Facing

A new level of comfort

Play comfortably by adjusting the monitor to the perfect position for you. And, game for as long as you want without any back or neck strain.

Get wrapped up in gaming

20C1 - HP X24c Gaming Monitor (24, Jet Black) Rear Facing

144Hz refresh rate

Get smooth gaming, sharper objects, and cleaner details with a gaming display that refreshes frames 144 times a second – over twice the refresh rate of standard displays.

AMD® FreeSync™ Premium technology

See and feel the difference of fluid, responsive gameplay. By synchronizing the refresh rate with your GPU, AMD® FreeSync™ makes display stutter, input lag, and screen tears ancient history.

Height adjustment stand

Gas piston design allows 100mm of smooth, precise height adjustment so your display is always in the most comfortable position, no matter who is viewing it.

Tech specs

  • Brightness: 

    300 nits

  • Horizontal viewing angle: 


  • Vertical viewing angle: 


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